Mastercard Chargeback Guide


While all credit card companies offer their consumers the option of filing a transaction dispute, each company’s guidelines are different. As far as Mastercard goes, you will need to file the claim within a specified time period and have a valid reason for doing so. Below you will discover more information regarding the Mastercard chargeback guide.


First Time Chargeback

For consumers that have never filed a chargeback claim before, they will have anywhere from 45-540 calendar days to do so. Of course, this will depend on the reason for filing the claim. If for some reason you never received your order or the condition of the goods was extremely poor, then you will have 120 days to dispute the transaction. It is important to note this time frame, because after this time has expired, you will no longer be eligible for this benefit.


Second Time Chargeback


Mastercard works diligently to please the consumer, but they also try to deter the use of chargebacks. This is done by limiting the days that the consumer has to file a transaction dispute. If for some reason the consumer is unhappy with the goods received or services provided, they will have the option of using this benefit.


If it is the credit card holder’s second time to file a claim, they will only have 45 calendar days to begin the process. If this time frame has expired, you still have the option of submitting a second presentment, but this does not mean that Mastercard has to accept the claim. As a matter of fact, the claim may very well be rejected immediately after a short investigation.


Partial Refund


There are some cases that may require the merchant to offer the consumer a partial refund. For instance, if this is the client’s second presentment and the 45 days has expired. Then the credit card company may rule in the client’s favor, but only make the merchant refund partial payment. This is still a financial loss for the merchant, since the money will be withdrawn for the company’s account and returned to the client.


Identity Theft


Credit card holders are at a high risk for identity theft, since they will submit many online payments to unfamiliar merchants. Mastercard protects their clients from these fraudulent transactions, which means the merchant must be held responsible for them, as well.




If you are a credit card holder and at any time feel as if you are been treated unfairly, by any merchant, you should take advantage of this benefit